Annual Organizing Holidays & Events

New Year's Day (Resolution Time!)
re-evaluate your goals and priorities for the next year

Clean Off Your Desk Day
get rid of those stacks and piles of paper

Be On Purpose Month
do you live the life you want, or one you've been handed?

Clean Out Your Closets Month
your choice...avalanche or order

Get Organized Month (GO Month)
organizing activities across the nation and your local NAPO chapter.


Clean Out Your Computer Day
is your computer cluttered like your files?

Pay Your Bills Week
time to set up a system for staying on top of your bills

Repetitive Strain Injuries Awareness Day
save your wrists with ergonomics

Archive Your Files Month
what goes into your files must come back out again


Clutter Awareness Week
learn why it accumulates and how to clean it out

National Procrastination Week
procrastination can actually be a good thing

Organize Your Home Office Day
time to get your home office in order

Clean Out Your Closet Week
make room for the new by clearing out the old


Stress Awareness Month
what causes you stress in your life?

Organize Your Files Week
how long do you need to keep bank statements?

The Dreaded Tax Day (Gasp!)
work on a system for organizing your receipts and tax deductions

Administrative Professionals Week
focus on the importance of delegating!

National TV-Free Week
how much of your week is eaten up by the boob tube?


Moving Month
moving doesn't have to be chaotic, if you do it the organized way

Scrapbook Day
go through that box of photos and get them in order

Revise Your Work Schedule Month
work with your boss for a more flexible schedule

Mother's Day
help your mom get better organized this year


Small Business Week
get your business organized from the ground up

Father's Day
dads need to be organized, too!


Financial Freedom Day
part of simplifying your life is freeing yourself from debt

Take Charge Of Change Week
even positive change can be difficult

Purposeful Parenting Month
teach your kids now to be organized adults later


Simplify Your Life Week
clearing out the clutter and focusing on priorities

Professional Speakers Month
attend a seminar, workshop, or other speaking event


Fight Procrastination Day
take a bite out of your to-do list

ADD / ADHD Month
turn Attention Deficit Disorder to your advantage

Self-Improvement Month
what would you like to improve upon in your life?

Back-To-School Time
help your kids stay on top of their schoolwork


Home-Based Business Week
don't let your business take over your house!

Kitchen And Bath Month
a good time to organize your kitchen and bathroom

American Magazine Month
do you actually read every magazine you get?

Computer Learning Month
turn your computer into a time-management tool


America Recycles Day
how much of that "get rid of" pile can go in the recycle bin?

Pursuit Of Happiness Week
what would make you happy this month?

Clean Out Your Refrigerator Month
if it's green, hairy, or dried up, it's out of here

Buy Nothing Day
avoid the shopping frenzy and spend a quiet day instead

Addictions Month
does an addictive behavior keep you from being organized?


Boxing Day
a time to focus on charity and giving

Stress-Free Family Holiday Month
holidays are supposed to be enjoyable!

Make Up Your Mind Day
clutter is nothing but postponed decisions (B. Hemphill)