Policy & Confidentiality Statement For Professional Orgnanizing Services

Please read and save for your records.
1.  Service
    Dynamic Organizing offers Professional Organizing services for residential and small business. The
    Professional Organizer and the Client will have an initial consultation, either by telephone or on location, to
    discuss the type of organizing services desired.  
2. Confidentiality
    As an Organizer, I acknowledge that I may come in contact with a Client’s personal and/or confidential
    information in order to perform the services agreed upon by Client & Organizer. The Organizer acknowledges
    that any disclosure to a third party may cause harm to the Client and therefore will not disclose or use any
    confidential information of Client without Client’s written consent except to perform services on the Client’s
    behalf.  Before and after photos are occasionally taken as an organizing tool and for Dynamic Organizing’s
    portfolio.  A Client’s name or any other personal information is never associated with or displayed in the
    photos. If you wish for your photos to remain confidential, please make that request.
3. Scheduling
    Appointments will be scheduled verbally between Client & Organizer.  If the Client is running late and does not
    give notice, The Organizer will agree to wait for 15 minutes before assuming canceling the appointment.  (See
    Cancellation Policy)  If the Organizer is late for an appointment, they will attempt to contact the client to notify
    them. The Organizer will credit Client for the time missed in the scheduled appointment.    There is a 3-hour
    minimum for any Professional Organizing session.
4. Payment
    In consideration for the services to be performed by the Organizer, Client agrees to pay the Organizer at the
    rate of  $ 75 per hour (Residential) or $85 per hour (Corporate) according to the terms of payment set forth
    Client will be charged at the same rate as above for Administrative Tasks that include performing research,
    making phone calls or doing paperwork that is directly attributed to the organizing services for the Client.  
    These services may be performed offsite such as at the office of Dynamic Organizing.  Client will receive a
    detailed list of administrative tasks performed on their invoice at their next scheduled appointment.
    * Rate subject to change without notice.
5. Terms of Payment
    Upon completion of the Organizers’ daily services under this policy, the Organizer shall submit an invoice.     
         Client shall pay the Organizer the full invoice amount upon receipt.
    There may be optional terms of payment agreed upon by the Organizer and Client but the agreement must be
    put in writing and signed by both parties.
6. Expenses
    Client shall reimburse the Organizer for the expenses that are directly attributable to work performed. The
    Organizer shall submit an itemized statement of expenses to the Client.
    Client will be charged a travel fee of: $15.00, per visit, to the client’s site where services are to be performed,
    that is greater than    25 miles from Silver Spring, MD.
7.  Cancellation & No-Show Policy
    A minimum of a 3-hour notice is required to cancel a scheduled appointment.  If less than 3 hours notice is
    given, then the client will be charged for one hour of service.  If client does not show up (“no-show”) for a
    scheduled appointment and the Organizer has waited for the agreed time, then the client will be charged a flat
    fee of $75.)
    By signing this document, you are acknowledging that you have read and agreed to the policies stated.

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